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Packages that use PlacidusException

Uses of PlacidusException in org.placidus.http

Methods in org.placidus.http that throw PlacidusException
static java.lang.String HttpHelper.executeHttpRequest(java.lang.String siteUrl)
          This function executes a single HttpRequest with a new HttpClient for the given siteUrl

Uses of PlacidusException in org.placidus.jaxb

Methods in org.placidus.jaxb that throw PlacidusException
static void JaxbMethodSearch.executeMethodList(java.util.List<JaxbValueBean> methodList, java.lang.Object jaxbObject, java.lang.String startString, java.lang.String endString, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,? extends java.lang.Object> params)
          To execute a list of methods in given list.

Uses of PlacidusException in org.placidus.util

Methods in org.placidus.util that throw PlacidusException
static java.lang.String StringUtil.replaceProperties(java.lang.String strContent, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,? extends java.lang.Object> params, java.lang.String startSymbol, java.lang.String endSymbol)
          replaces any occurense of a variable with given parameters

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